Jupiter in Gemini

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Jupiter is a philosophizing planet which expands everything that it encounters. Here a person with this position in chart is someone who is true Gemini , who loves to talk about everything that they know..They like to accumulate facts due to their intense desire to always be the person who knows the everything as they like to be the most knowledgeable person. ​

People with their Jupiter in Gemini always are searching for interesting informations , browsing through news on social media, exploring various subjects like occult etc, watching documentaries. If anything grabs their attention, they will quickly research , understand that information and move on to another piece of information to know further. Gemini being a mutable sign, these people do not dig deep into subject matters but they have enough information to talk on any subjects. They also are social butterflies too.

Careers for this placement: Teaching, Media, Communication, Any research oriented jobs

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