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Jupiter is comfortable here being in its own sign and hence the Jupiterian qualities are enhanced in this people.

Sagittarius, the archer encourages to aim higher for our dreams and explore the new horizons and grow our mind, knowledge to live life to the fullest thereby creating more opportunities and happiness for ourselves. There are lessons in every nook of the world, the more we go and explore without limiting ourself we can find limitless treasures to expand our mind.

Jupiter in Sagittarius people are Spiritual, competitive, visionary thinkers , have energetic nature and love to be adventurous. 

These people love to advance in life by gaining wisdom and sharing the acquired knowledge with others perhaps through teaching and inspiring them through their example of faithful living. They can also tend be a guiding light to others who have lost their way. They just need to control the extreme views.

These people constantly in search for deeper and higher meaning to existence and constantly question their place in the greater scheme of things. They can travel to distant places, exploring various cultures in the quest for knowledge and understanding.

They also love adventurous activities or sport such as skydiving or mountainering. 

Hope you enjoyed reading through this and do share me your findings if you have this position in your chart.

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