6th House Moon

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To understand this position , let us dive deep into the planet and understand what the 6th house denotes.

Moon symbolizes our feelings or emotions, our subconscious mind, sensitivity, intuition, vivid imagination etc.

6th house : Issues with health routines, hygiene, service, level of discipline, responsibilities, pets, etc. This is the house of the planet Mercury and the sign Virgo.

People with this position have restless nature and inner need to work hard and always do something to feel productive.This is good for spiritually feeding their emotions but since they tend to get overworked it can effect their health due to their workaholic nature.

They feel emotionally secure when their career is going great regardless of their work environment. Professions where they can be of service to others like healthcare, food industry etc attract them. They can take great care of their colleagues and support them whenever needed.

Most of times they are sensitive towards criticism , so they need to learn to listen to feedback and improve themselves rather than just feeling vulnerable and consider themselves as a failure.

Remember Health is Wealth. When these people are in stress, they have stomach upsets or digestive issues so focusing on maintaining health by dieting or doing physical exercise can assist them handle their metabolism in better way. They can take out time from their busy lifestyle to nurture and pamper themselves.

They also tend to be available to support whenever people need their help thereby they get praised for their efforts.

(Due to the Virgo presence) they can jump in any situation to do the task as they are aware of how it needs to be done since they have the expertise working of various projects, But they need to be mindful as others might perceive them to be interfering and as someone who wants to take all the credit away. The truth may be different as they might just want to be helpful but can come across as being bossy so before you feel the need to assist someone slowdown on to your impulse and approach the people in a calmer way asking for what area they need support for.

Hope you had some insight and enjoyed reading this position.

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