Are you worried about your Life?

  We often tend to worry about what’s going on in our life. Here’s 6 signs to know if you are doing well in your life. Apart from these 6 things…. Rest the other things are mostly our desires. You are able to eat good food. You are able to get good sleep. You are able to wear clean clothes. You are able to drink clean water . You have a place to live and survive. You have people who love you.

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Rahu in 4th House

4th house is center of human life. It symbolizes the house of home and family. Rahu in fourth house shall highly influence your home and financial conditions. Such a person may have good house, family but still he yearns for that true love but most of his life he suffers with this mentally. Besides stabilizing your relations with your spouse, Rahu in 4th house will also impact your bonds with your mother. This can bring too much attachment/obsession with the mother. It can bring positive and negative aspects based on the…

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Non-Profit ODISHA-Houston 

Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA)

The Odisha Society of the Americas (OSA) is a non-political, non-profit, and voluntary association recognized as a 501(c)(3) public non-profit in the United States. Established in 1969 by a few visionary Odias who thought of establishing Odia identity in the adopted land. OSA has currently spread into 17 regional Chapters, which operate as a social umbrella for different regions in USA and Canada. OSA HIGHLIGHTS OSA Convention – 2021

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Swatee Mahapatra

Dr. Mohapatra attended the University of Texas at Austin medical school where she completed her Internal Medicine residency in 2009. Upon completion of residency, she became board certified in Internal medicine and relocated to Dallas where she practiced outpatient medicine at Parkland hospital for 10 years. Her professional interests include managing chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, heart failure and preventive medicine. Dr. Mohapatra believes that including her patients in the management of their care creates a successful patient-physician relationship. She resides in Plano and enjoys spending…

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