Camping Therapy

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Did you ever try out camping outdoors? If not, do give it a try. At home we generally spend a life that does not necessarily promote physical fitness.

Camping is a great foundation to ease out your stress and go outdoors to get in touch with the nature, wake up with the nature, engage yourself in physical activity and spend some quality time with family and friends.You can go camping in many states and national parks, at private campgrounds or even in your own backyard. You can choose to be close to a beach or a lake, try out various camping activities like canoeing, boating or fishing depending on the area.

I am sharing few of the camping tips which are very useful and come handy when an instant travel plan is made.

Booking Campsite

Most of the campsites do provide with a Picnic table, tent site, parking space. They also provide you with shared bathrooms and electrical outlets. While booking a campsite, do review the map of the place so that you can select best site based on availability and submit your preferences accordingly.

Essentials for Camping

For first time campers, it might be good approach to borrow or rent some of the required things. It is always better to go camping in groups so that you can share important items and save some money. Listed below few of the items that you can pack.

(Choose the tent size depending on your need)
Camping Chairs
Camp Table (If no picnic table is available),
Tablecloth and clips (or tape)
Blue Tarp , Cots , Hammocks
Gazebos, if you have any
Personal Items ,
Long-sleeve shirts,
Baby wipes,
Mirror, Brush/comb
Feminine products
Swimming costume/
Gear for Adults and Kids ,
Clean Hand Towels and Wash cloths.
Books & Reading Material
Dog gear.
Headphones, music player if required.
Air Mattress /Sleeping bags, Blankets/ Bedsheets/ Camping pillows etcToothbrushes,ToothpasteSlippers/Flipflops, Shower shoes
Weather Protection
Rain Jacket / Poncho , Umbrella
Warm clothes /Alternate weather wear
Sunscreen Lotion,
Sunglasses etc
Toilet Tissues ,Tissues
Kitchen Paper Towels
NAPKINS, Trash Bags,
Hand Sanitizer
Dust pan/Brush,
Laundry bag/ Plastic bags
Kitchen Items
Eating and Cooking Utensils,
Frying Pans, Cookpot,
TEA BAGS etc if required
Matchsticks, Lighter
Can Opener/Bottle Opener
Kids Sand Toys
Cricket Gear
FirstAID Kit
Ticks Repellent
Torch light,
Headlamps , Flashlights
Lantern (and mantles and fuel/batteries if needed)
Long Electric cables 10ft-25ft,
Extra cord
Sewing Kit, Scissors etc
Pad/Mattress repair kit
Duct tape
Firewood sourced near campsite
Campsite reservation Confirmation – On Phone/paper if required.Important Contact written in
diary incase phone goes out-of-charge.

Few of the things to do to avoid getting bored while camping

  • You can watch your favorite movies while sitting in cozy corner inside your tent.
  • Pack your cooking utensils and Plan your meals outside and enjoy with family and friends. You can also make an outdoor oven that cooks food using sunlight.
  • If you love to draw you can sketch out some of the flowers or wildlife that you might notice.
  • You can make your own poetry and enjoy the beautiful outdoors.
  • You can plan and share your stories with kids or friends and spend your time in an exciting way. You can talk about the camping heroes in your family and share their insights with your kids.
  • You can play musical chairs , go cycling or play any other exciting outdoor games with your kids.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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