Food Physcology – Emotional Eating

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Food Physcology Creative Sharmila

Did you ever know that there is anything like Food physcology? We all want to eat the Food that tastes great and nourishes our bodies.

There are many factors which actually influence our feelings about food and our eating behaviors. Cultural , Economic Status, Family Life, Psychological etc. Emotional Eating is a complex issue but once you understand your behavioural pattern, half the battle is won. Emotional hunger may feel like sudden onset of hunger, having specific craving, feeling guilty about/after eating etc.

What is our Net Loss if we fail to understand our eating behaviour?

Our self-image may suffer as we gain weight, or we can experience other undesired common health issues such as elevated blood sugars, obesity etc.

How can we cope with this situation?

When we think about changing our habits, its always a tedious task, but if we want to improve our health and overall wellbeing, we can begin with few baby steps…..

Implement any of these minimum 5 things and see the magic…Believe in yourself – You are the Boss of your Life. If you determine anything can be achieved.

Train your mind to STOP using FOOD as a coping mechanism to deal your feelings as Anxiety, stress, boredom or even happiness. 

Avoid keeping unhealthy food choices in your home.

Don’t eat while watching TV, working, driving or standing.

It’s very important to Keep a watch on your portion sizes.

Improve your Water intake and stay hydrated.

Hydration is replacement of body fluids lost through exhaling, sweating, eliminating waste etc. Staying hydrated helps your joints stay well-lubricated. Dehydration can affect your mood and can make you feel tired, cranky etc.

Limit Night Eating. Our insomnia shouldn’t impact our health.

Entertain yourself by watching healthy Eating videos and try out some recipies to share with family and friends as well.

Hoped you enjoyed reading.

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