Goals of Human Existence

Astrology is a very interesting subject and you can discover many truths as you go research and go deeper into it.

According to the Hindu philosophy, the soul incarnates for fulfillment of various goals.

The fulfillment of a person’s life depends upon four major sections – Dharma (religion), Artha (money), Kama (desire) and Moksha (emancipation)

Four triangles in the zodiacal signs depict these four pillars of our life. These triangles are of – Fire, Earth, Wind and Water. Each of the four triangle is represented by three zodiac signs.

NamePurpose of LifeTriangleZodiacal SignHouse
DharmaReligionFireAries,Leo, Sagittarius1,5,9
ArthaMoneyEarthTaurus, Virgo, Capricorn2,6,10
MokshaEmancipationWaterCancer, Scorpio,Pisces4,8,12

The above 4 are used in astrological chart analysis to decipher the existence of human life.

DHARMA means truth, the rightful human behavior which is considered necessary for the order of things in the world. It is the ethical basis for way of living life on this earth. Living harmoniously and being virtuous and helping others in times of need. You need to discover your own truth as you move ahead in life. When you keep your actions correct your heart will automatically guide you towards the righteous path.

ARTHA is security that we all strive for to gain the material comforts in this world. While we are in the persuit of gaining the same , we should not violate the DHARMA in order to further move towards your journey of MOKSHA. Try to gain as much spiritual riches parallely and not fear of not having more.

KAMA is the pleasure, which can be sensuality to bring a sense of delight to your life. The persuit of Kama leads us to fulfill all our passions in form of art, music, beauty, love, intimacy, affection, fellowship, kindness. We must thereby keep in mind to having the right kind of pleasure and follow with caution. Parallely also utilize this a sensory experience to seek Divine consciousness to move towards path of Moksha.

MOKSHA is attaining yourself, who we truely are while consciously being One with the Divine. Self realization and self knowledge, self discipline towards releasing ourself from these worldly illusions. When we treat others with respect, use thoughtfully said words without hurting others ,being humble and have a steady straighforward mind we are moving towards the path of Moksha.

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