Love your Daughter

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Daughter is the most wonderful gift God has given us. They are the treasures of our life so appreciate them forever.

I cherish every moment i spend with my daughter. Despite being different in thoughts/opinions, remember that we all are unique in our own way.

Here are few of the things you can do with your daughter :
Start with a honest conversation over a cup of coffee or during your personal time with her.
Encourage her to have self-respect.
Listen to her dreams , You are have some dreams for her but her dreams are equally important.
Believe in yourself.
Let her know often how much you value her. Even though this is self understood at times the more love you express the more you get.
Take out time from your busy schedule to create an everlasting bond with her. Cook for her a special meal which you can enjoy together Or Go for a drive to her favorite destination.
Remind her often that you will always be there to support her in happy /difficult times.
Encourage her to be independent and bold and still have compassion for others.
Discuss with her how she can protect her emotions during tough moments of life and stay strong.
Look through old photos of her together and revive the sweet memories.
Every little step you take will always be rewarding.

If you have a daughter whom you love , I would love to hear your experiences.

Thanks for reading.
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