House #3

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Many numerologists believe that studying the inherent features of various numbers gives us some valuable insight towards the mystical connection between these numbers and events that happen around us. In this article, Let’s explore the energy of House # 3.

#3 Home energy promotes artistic expression and socializing, engagement in innovation and creativity. This home is a great place with a comfortable and inspiring environment for connecting together with fascinating people and will assist you to expand your creativity, communication skills.

  • People living in this home will be encouraged to be emotionally sensitive and tap further into their creative expression.
  • If you are someone who loves to live life fully and joyfully then this will be great abode for you.
  • Playing positive, soothing music in your home will be great way to relax your high triggered emotions, if any.( #3 Lucky colour — Yellow).
  • When designing your home, be bold and creative. Your guests will be astonished by your unique style and fantastic taste.
  • If you are in any creative professions like Artist, musician, cook, or writer, then the energy of this home will suit you.

The #3 home energy will make you deep dive in all the aspects of your life related to communication, emotions, joy, and expression. 

Potential Challenges:  

This home may not be best place for solitary retreat as this home fosters and focuses on social engagement and joyful expression.The occupants might feel scattered and face challenges with their commitments, projects etc.  Managing finances will be also challenging, hence it is advised that you limit your spending habits and keep a thorough check on the same. This place energy focuses more about creativity and emotions hence there might be tendency to experience bigger emotional highs and lows and feelings self-doubt. Avoid indulging into gossiping.

Hope you enjoyed reading.

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