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Many numerologists believe that studying the inherent features of various numbers gives us some valuable insight towards the mystical connection between these numbers and events that happen around us. In this article, Let’s explore the energy of #8 home.

If you are living in number 8 home then you might have felt the positive authoritative vibes when it comes to ambitions and aspirations.The number 8 is governed by the planet Saturn, which signifies authority and efficiency, through hard work and perseverance.

  • The people who are goal oriented, success seekers will find such #8 home energy attractive.
  • The home energy screams success and brings everything in abundance, including love and money.
  • The home energy is ideal to bring a strong vibe of success and fame since the residents will tend to be very passionate about their ideas and will work ambitiously towards gaining material wealth.
  • This home energy supports leadership quality hence the people staying here also get public recognition.

Home Energy is Ideal for: People with Capricorn sun/ascendant sign, Stock Market Traders, Entrepreneurs, Investment bankers, People with the same birth number 8 (people born on 8th, 17th or 26th of any month)

Since the 8 energy is high, this is not suitable for joint families as it might sometimes create uncomfortable situations between the family members.People with birth number 4 or Aquarius sun sign should try to avoid house number 8. It might sometimes be difficult to spend quality time with the family hence you need to ensure to take out enough time for your loved ones and avoid unnecessary arguments at home.

In Chinese mythology, Number 8 is considered to be very lucky, hence many people may flock to purchase this 8 home at premium cost as well.

Balancing the energy of Number 8 home is very important. Doing some physical activities ,exercising will be helpful. Investing your time in caring for your health, eating good diet is also important.

Create a relaxing corner in your home where you can soothe and calm your mind. You can decorate your home with soothing colors like cream, white ,blue. You can feel like upgrading your home by adding elements of luxury through modern furniture with trendy gadgets etc.

Be mindful and keep regular check on your finances so as to not run into debt as if not controlled then might turn the other way around as well. If right balance is not maintained then this #8 home might turn unlucky for some and disturb the mental health of the residents.

Balancing work and home life by not being too obsessed with your work life and maintaining healthy communication with your family members.

Hope you enjoyed reading though. Do share in comments as It will be good to know your experiences on the same.

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