Freeing yourself from the emotional pain

Emotional pain is mostly the root of why many people in the world are seeking out therapy.

We all are taught how to obtain education, the way to get a job and other things of our interest in life. But we never focus on that we also need to gain the knowledge of training our mind to get out of the pain.

Isn’t it easy said than done.Not really. If we learn the process of dealing with the pain, it becomes much easier for us to bear it.

These Painful Emotions can lead to distressing thoughts and also make us uncomfortable physically (fatigue, stomach ache, chest pain etc ) not just psychologically. The ways in which we go through pain are different for all, but also the things/situations like failure to accomplish our desire, job loss, death of loved ones, hurtful comments and other reasons that causes us pain are incredibly diverse.

We cannot always avoid the pain. Many a times too much of intense emotions are involved and we fail to even realize that we’re sinking down the ocean until it is too late.

Next time when you feel any pain, sit down and take a deep breath and close your eyes and meditate.

Slow down the racing thoughts and Navigate through your emotions to find the different ways you can eliminate the same.

Behavioural Change is required

If we want to deal with those overwhelming distressing emotions, then we need to work towards changing our behaviour. We need to learn to let go of the older mechanisms which no longer work and adapt to newer methods. Physical activity has also been effective way to change the mood. Practice mindfulness – being in the present moment. Doing meditation with breathing exercises can also help to release out the emotions.

Forgiveness is the key to get us out of the pain.

Recognizing how forgiveness can improve your life. Getting the other person who hurt you to change his or her actions, behavior or words isn’t going to always help you and is not the right approach.

Forgiving and letting it go will bring you peace, happiness and emotional healing. If you just hold on to the pain and grudge, then you will be carrying it for long time. You can invest those hours, days, years in your own self-development instead. You have to decide whats in your best interest. Isn’t letting go the best and quickest remedy? Think about it.

Believe in Yourself.

You have the Power. You are much powerful than these negatives energies and you will not let them set you down.

Set up healthy boundaries with those who caused the pain.

Don’t hesitate to Reach out for support.

Social support is critical for your emotional well being. Its in your best interest to share your feelings with a trusted person or closed friends who can hear you out and advise or support you. Seek help of mental health practitioner or try hypnotherapy sessions to ease your emotional distress.


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