Mars in Cancer

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Mars in Cancer people are very loyal, soft, nurturing, emotional and have healing aura around them.

Mars in Cancer Creative Sharmila

Their goals and actions tend to center around their family and loved ones. They want to put down firm roots and love to create a secure home base as they are quite nurturing hence you will find them in any care giving areas eg, working as social or health care professionals, guardians of children etc.

  • Great homemakers and providers for their family. Love to spend their time nurturing and protecting their loved ones.
  • They yearn to find deep emotional, intimate bonding in their connections
  • Protectors of the downtrodden

  • Ruled by the ever-changing Moon, their energy levels are almost inconsistent and very dependent on their emotional state, hence learning to control their emotions will be beneficial for their own health and well-being. Hence They need to spend some good time in seclusion to rejuvenate their energy.
  • They need to avoid over eating when they are emotionally upset, as this might impact their digestive system.
  • They are soft and affectionate lovers who like to be cared for and made to feel comfortable by their partner.
  • These are loyal to their closed friends and expect the same value and respect in return.
  • These people are usually non-confrontational with others, preferring to side-step issues or attack them indirectly.
  • They are sensual and believe in true love.
  • Home is safe haven and secure place to retreat, hence they will furbish it and make it comfortable for themselves and invite their loved ones.
  • They will avoid expressing their feelings directly and expect their loved ones to understand their high emotions.

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