Meditate and relieve your stress & anxiety.

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In today’s world, We all undergo so much of stress on a daily basis, our mind is so restless, constantly thinking, planning, scheduling, working on sorting out enormous emotions throughout the day.

It is necessary for us to give utmost importance to relax and calm our mind.

A calmer mind can think more better and we can achieve many more things than we can with a rather busier one.

Meditation is a technique to achieve a mentally and emotionally clear, stable and calmer state of the mind.

If you can find only a few mins of your busy schedule to meditate and calm your mind , it can make a big difference in your life.

Best time to meditate is in the early morning as it is still and quiet and you can focus much better. The time at which you choose to meditate has a role to play in how much you can benefit.


Meditation can help you

  • To enhance your awareness and help you to control your negative emotions if any.
  • In managing your anxiety, stress , depression.

You can play some calmer music while meditating. During meditation, you need to relax your shoulder, neck, face and jaw muscles. Deep breathing is one of form of meditation.

You will need to focus while meditating with your eyes either opened or closed whichever is easy for you.

Tell yourself to let go of the baggage of anger, guilt, loss, betrayal if any that you are holding back.

Start by thinking of two utmost dear persons in your life you are grateful for and think of how they have helped you. You will thereby release positive energy and it will help you move towards deeper state.

Our experiences will differ each time we meditate due to our ever-changing emotional states. Its absolutely normal to feel chatter at times while meditating. The purpose is to let go of the racing emotions by remembering that these are just temporary.

You can block your calendar for few mins of regular meditation and thereby enhance your happiness and improve the overall wellbeing.

Let the light of your heart shine through.

Always Think positive no matter what present situation is.

Thanks for reading.

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