MOON in the 8th House

People with Moon in 8th house of the birth chart are very honest, kind folks who are very hardworking ,learned and serious about their goals. They are very adaptable, flexible and possess a strong feminine quality due to the planet Moon.

They try to gain knowledge from multiple sources. They can continue to be patient even in the most challenging situations. They need to maintain this calmness throughout to sail past the ups and downs in life.

Being highly emotional and intense in nature, they can be very sensitive to other people’s pain hence they sometimes take it so seriously thereby causing emotional turbulence within themselves. They need to avoid conflicts in their marital relationships.

This placement can put such natives at risk from the water bodies hence they need to be careful and alert regarding this. 

This position if in the chart can influence the person’s life’s longevity, the financial affairs of their partner, physical intimacy with their spouse and so on. They need to refrain from gambling , flirting etc.

Natives are advised to serve and respect older people and children in order to gain benefits.

If Moon is in 8th house in its own sign Cancer, These people face emotional setbacks quite often, They need to learn to overcome these feelings of emotional insecurity and avoid being controlling over others to hide such vulnerabilities.

Normally it is found that these people can achieve great success when they work in foreign lands. They can involve in various professions related to the 8th house yoga teacher, psychologist, secret services/research or counselling areas.

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