Another poem from my Kids Corner. Enjoy reading.

Ode to my Family

One night,

A golden light,

And a spark of family might,

Glistens gracefully,

At our homesite.

One home filled with

Laughter,joy and love.

Where my dear brother sitting there looking innocent and cute,

But truth behind he is really annoying sometimes but stout.

My mom suprisingly smiling, which usually she does not smile about

While my dad just sitting there looking weird,

which is weird because he usually looks professional but haut,

And we can’t forget about me awkwardly running in,

Ruining it all in the attire of a lady scout,

It’s once in a lifetime experience which is framed in a photo,

For which my family deserves the – shout out.

Well not everyone gets it perfect

What can i say we are an imperfect but a happy, loving family?

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