Rahu in 4th House

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4th house is center of human life. It symbolizes the house of home and family.

Rahu in fourth house shall highly influence your home and financial conditions. Such a person may have good house, family but still he yearns for that true love but most of his life he suffers with this mentally.

Besides stabilizing your relations with your spouse, Rahu in 4th house will also impact your bonds with your mother. This can bring too much attachment/obsession with the mother. It can bring positive and negative aspects based on the impacts in the astrological charts.

It can also give too much obsession towards material gains.

No matter how many material posession’s we obtain during our lifetime, they will not provide us with lifelong happiness. If we want to be free from suffering and gain ultimate happiness, then we should engage ourselves in connecting with the divine.

These people have a strong desire to own land and property. Their interests lies in many topics related to subject of property ownership, vehicle, boundaries etc.  They are focused on emotional and many deeper aspects of human existence.

These people can at times feel that tug of war while balancing their career and internal family issues.

Such natives need to balance mental turmoils. Meditate every day to relax and calm yourself.

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