Ratha & Bahuda Yatra

The grand event Ratha & Bahuda Yatra is celebrated each year with a lot of enthusiasm by the devotees who travel from various places to get the divine glimpse of Jagannath Parivaar.

This festival is thrilling and indeed provides an extraordinary religious experience for all the devotees of Mahaprabhu Jagannatha Parivaar. A mesmerizing moment indeed for all the devotees to watch the Lord of the universe riding in his chariot breaking all the cultural boundaries and expanding his divine love.

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Chappan Bhog
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Please refer to Temple website for details regarding the below events

Debasnana Purnima

Netra Utsav of Lord Jagannatha Parivaar

Naba Jaubana Darshan Besa of Mahaprabhu Jagannnath Parivaar

Rath Yatra festival of Lord Jagannatha Parivaar / Chariot Festival

Bahuda Yatra

Hera Panchami

Jagannatha Swami Nayana Pathagami Bhavatu Mei

Chappan Bhoga is offered to Mahaprabhu Jagannatha Parivaar every year during this event. All delicacies were beautifully organized by the volunteers.

RATHA, The Grand Chariot Insights

Approximate 36-38foot tall, almost one of the biggest Rath on wooden structure in US is constructed/assembled each year. This Ratha/ Chariot is decorated beautifully to give a grand ride for Mahaprabhu Jagannath Parivar. Beautiful red and yellow color canopy is installed on the top.

This Ratha was built in the Shree Raghunath Temple premises with the help of many enthusiastic volunteers.

Initially in 2019, a smaller size Ratha was constructed. Storage area was built inside the temple premises to store the Ratha.

In 2021, Shree Raghunath Temple Management decided to further expand the width of the Ratha to make it more spacious and wider so as to allow the devotees to be able to do parikrama around the dieties. The Ratha is decorated with beautiful artwork by various talented Adult & kids artists from Dallas.


Many Devotees join to watch the bhajan programs in Shree Raghunath Temple Main Hall during the event and witness the awesome performances by talented bhajan artists in Dallas.

Visit your neighbourhood Shree Raghunath Temple Plano, TX and join all the other devotees in celebrating this grand event. You can also enjoy the live event broadcasted on the temple Facebook Page. Sponsor and contribute to make this event a grand success.

Please visit Temple Picture Gallery for glimpse on the Yatra events.

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