Tribute to Sai Baba

Sai Baba spent most of his lifetime in Shirdi, a small village in India. To the unknowing, He seemed a simple beggar, dressed in torn clothes, had no desire for materialism. He spent most of his time as a Healer and giving guidance on every level to Hundreds of thousands of people who came to him.

His Divinity, Intention and Power is still in existence and inspiring multiples of his devotees to move forward in life.

My Small Attempt to read Sai Prerna

His Teachings:

Moral code of love, forgiveness, seeing the divine in the human beings, being humble, helping others, doing charity, feeling contented with inner peace, and devotion to God and Guru.

Give no distinction based on religion or caste. 

Being humble. Plants bend when they bear fruit.

I stay by the side of whoever repeats my name.

Do not be obsessed by egotism, imagining that you are the cause of action: Everything is due to God.

To God be the praise. I am only the slave of God.

Choose friends who will stick to you till the end,
through thick and thin

A little faith can change everything. May Sai bless you and drive away all your worries.

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