Swati Nakshatra – The Self Going Star

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Nakshatra’s are small constellations of stars that the moon travels through as it orbits Earth. Let us understand the inherent qualities of the Swati nakshatra which is the 15th amongst the 27 nakshatras.

The Lord of this nakshatra is Rahu and the diety is Vayu(wind). The zodiac sign is Libra.

Symbol: Shoot of Plant, A Single Blade of Grass blowing in the Wind (reflecting the Independent nature), Sword (Discrimination), Coral, a Priest or Priestess

Swati Nakshatra Creative Solutions

Swati natives possess excellent taste and have good judgement. These natives have great flexibility and agility just like the wind. They love independence, possess great social esteem and they endure people with their modest and compassionate nature, always ready to assist people without compromising their independence. They also love to travel a lot and love adventure.They can charm people with their good communication skills.

The characteristics of Venus i.e beauty, sociability, diplomacy are reflected in the Swati Nakshatra natives.These natives are very hardworking and have the passion to climb the ladder of success through hard work.

Their compatibility seems more with these nakshatras ,Punarvasu, Chitra and Hasta. But other factors also need to be looked in order to determine the matchmaking process and consulting any astrologer would be better.


Swati natives need to learn to control their temper and be less angry. Sometimes when they get angry it becomes difficult to control them. They also need to learn to handle criticism well and learn to be flexible. Avoid pursuing opportunities for personal gain at the expense of others. 

Swati has the power to scatter like the wind. These natives must take caution about aimlessly moving around. Deep breathing exercises and meditation is very beneficial for such natives.

Swati is an excellent nakshatra for beginning a pilgrimage, buying a vehicle, changing residence, jobs, or other life changes, vegetation and general gardening work.

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