Tips to increase Blood Oxygen

Dear Readers,

During the pandemic times, there are many who are suffering due to low blood oxygen levels. Due to our hectic lifestyle we tend to ignore to take care of our body and only get alerted when it starts sending us alarming signals.

Let us bring a change in our lifestyle and continue to lead a healthy life by educating our friends and family members.

Why oxygenation is very important to our immune system? Optimum oxygen levels will provide you with more energy and help to enhance your brain function, and thereby assist to lower the stress. 

What causes decrease in oxygen level or low oxygen levels in your body? Common cause is due to lack of fitness, lack of blood and oxygen flow to the cells. Other causes of hypoxemia include Anemia, Acid body pH, Fatigue, Sleep apnea, Respiratory ailments, Stress etc.

To increase your blood oxygen levels you can try the below few techniques.

If your health condition is very serious and you are facing difficulty breathing , then you should immediately visit a medical practitioner.

Breathe fresh air regularly. Open your windows or take a stroll in your neighbourhood or park. You can also do pranayam or deep breathing which will optimize your Oxygen Levels.

Measure Your O2 Uptake.You can use Pulse oximeters for measuring your blood oxygen level (O2 saturation) and pulse rate or visit your GP and monitor the same. 

Do grow some live plants to increase the indoor oxygen inside your home. You can choose plants that do not require much sunshine.

Follow a daily exercise routine as it will help with your breathing and allow your lungs to absorb more oxygen.

Include in your diet, fresh and iron-rich foods like green leafy vegetables, fish, meat etc. Consuming a healthy diet can influence your blood’s ability to absorb oxygen. Visit your GP and check if you have iron-deficiency. Iron is very important for our body. Iron supplements should be taken after consulting your GP even though they are easily available.

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