Venus in Virgo

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This is most challenging /fall placement for Venus as although lighthearted and pleasure-seeking Venus here expresses herself with intelligence, self-criticism it feels uneasy following the dutiful, hard-working Virgo traits.
Traits of Venus in Virgo :

Virgo Venus people tend to be cautious, quiet, Loyal and sympathetic, and uphold high standards and expectations.

These people may not show a lot of emotion outwardly, but are sensitive to what others think. Venus in Virgo men come across as standoffish because they are quieter and more reserved when meeting people for the first time. These people try to bring some serious discipline in their love life. They will frequently require space to keep their mind clear to drive away the anxiety.

Although shy they tend to relax around people they like. They’re looking for a partner, and they’ll devote their energy towards a partner that shares their similar values.Their ideal partner should be smart, kind, modest, resourceful, neat, have good manners and look after personal hygiene.

They express their love and care for their partner by doing little things for them. xpresses their love for their partners by doing things for them. They also try to note their partners likes and dislikes and try their best to use that to help them.

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