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D10 chart (Dasamsa) indicates the career, power, position, name and fame, social status, and success. This is an extension of the 10th house of your birth/rashi chart. To assess your related careers, you can check the position of the 10th Lord in your D10chart

1stGood Position, Related your self,
2ndFood Industry, Finance, Banking, Speech , Singer, Family Business, Textile Industry
3rdCareer can give lot of job related changes based on planets placed in the 3rd house. It will give lot of travels, career may be related to communications, It will make you hard working and dedicated
Travel industry,Writing, Printing etc.
4thPolitician, Anything related to masses, real estate, Property matter, Home appliances , Interior decoration, School, Teacher etc
5thPowerful leader, Consultancy related career, Govt Industry Speculations/Share Market Industry, Lots of ups and downs in career. Cinema/Entertainment/Media Industry,Sports related career.
6th Fighting against enemies, Lawyer, Doctor, Defence personnel,Police Officer, Money Lender occupation, [9AM-5PM job.
7thForeign related travels, Dealing with negotiations/contracts, Partnership business. Give very good social standing.
8thResearch oriented career, Taxation Industry, Chartered accountant, Occult science -Astrologer, Healer, Doctor,Mining Industry,Petroleum, Gemstone related careers.
9thLawyer, Judge, Professor , Anything related with higher education, Any career related to Foreign related matters.
10thExcel in field of work, Sole proprieter of your business,
11thCareer related to Large organizations. Lots of fame can also be seen through your career
12thDoctor, Writer,Dancer, Anything to do with your feet, Multinational company career.

How to improve your career

Find the planet in your 10th house and which nakshatra it is residing. You can draw the animal related to that nakshatra.

JyesthaMale Deer
MrigasiraFemale serpent (sensual nature)
ArdraFemale Dog
PunarvasuFemale Cat
AshleshaFemale Cat
MaghaMouse or Rat
PoorvaPhalguniMouse or Female Rat
UttaraPhalguniMale Cow or Bull
HastaFemale Cow or Buffalo
ChitraFemale Tiger
VishakhaMale Tiger
ShatabhishaFemale Horse
PoorvaBhadrapadaMale Lion
UttaraBhadrapadaFemale Cow
RevatiFemale Elephant.

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